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  1. AGG

    Old School Firearms Brochures/Catalogs

    Excellent--- the wheel gun at the top was my first handgun. :) Tony
  2. AGG

    Old School Firearms Brochures/Catalogs

    Pretty neat. ;) Tony
  3. AGG

    Burst Trigger Packs - When First Made ?

    If I recall correctly. the 4-position trigger pack was created with the introduction of the MP5-N (initially, 0-1-3-7, later replaced with 0-1-7) in 1986. :unsure: JB=1991, JC=1992, and IR=1993. ;) Tony
  4. AGG

    Century import AP5 package from MKE (The good, the mostly bad)

    Thanks--- it should have been replaced long ago. ;) Was the problem ever determined? :unsure: Tony
  5. AGG

    Members' Firearms

    Awesome. ;) Tony
  6. AGG

    HK433 discussion/info/resources

    Interesting. :unsure: Tony
  7. AGG

    Celebrating 1,000 Members

    Sent to @Guyanaman1963. :giggle: Tony
  8. AGG

    FDE MR762 ( not LRP )

    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the acquisition. ;) Tony
  9. AGG

    Celebrating 1,000 Members

    The winning number is 987. :) Appears that @Guyanaman1963 is the closest with 863. ;) Thanks to all that participated. :giggle: Tony
  10. AGG

    Celebrating 1,000 Members

    Last day to enter your number--- 1,366 pages. :giggle: Winner announced on 10-02-22. 😀 Tony
  11. AGG

    Prayers For Floridians

    Our prayers to all of our Florida brothers and sisters. 🌅 Tony
  12. AGG

    Century import AP5 package from MKE (The good, the mostly bad)

    What? 😲 Do they not want you to return it for testing? :unsure: Tony
  13. AGG

    So I Bought a POF 5

    Congratulations on the acquisition--- thanks for the report. ;) Tony
  14. AGG

    Thank you ALL members...especially AGG

    I certainly appreciate the kind words. :giggle: We are happy to provide knowledge--- it is a group effort among all of the members here. ;) Tony
  15. AGG

    Why Everyone Needs An AR-15 - Video w/ Summary

    Very interesting. :unsure: Tony
  16. AGG

    WTB HK UMP 3 position lower

    Glad to help--- good luck with your search. :giggle: Tony
  17. AGG

    HK submission for UK SOF Project Hunter

    Very interesting. :) Tony
  18. AGG

    WTB HK UMP 3 position lower

    Part No. 217531 (3-position Navy lower). ;) If no one here has one to sell, then here are some: ;) (new) (excellent) Tony
  19. AGG

    Celebrating 1,000 Members

    Books, periodicals, magazines, brochures, manuals, auction sites, firearms forums, and the like. :) Tony