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  1. AGG

    Prayers For Floridians

    Our prayers to all of our Florida brothers and sisters. 🌅 Tony
  2. AGG

    Answering Questions on Semi-Automatic Firearms (1962-1994)

    Whether potentially acquiring or merely inquisitive, some of you may have general or specific questions. :) I do not know everything, but I may have information on these firearms that you may need or want . ;) Tony
  3. AGG

    MARS CETME (Metal Forearm/Bipod)

    No affiliation: Tony
  4. AGG

    M'ark" 23 Maritime KG (LNIC)

    No affiliation: Tony
  5. AGG

    HK94A2 IF (Beware)

    No affiliation--- barrel (7H IJ/1989), forearm (no date code), and stock (no date code) appear to be replaced: Tony
  6. AGG

    HK93 (Not HK33) .22LR Conversion Kit

    No affiliation--- 2” rear metal extension tube on top = HK93: Tony
  7. AGG

    MARS CETME With Metal Forearm/Bipod

    No affiliation: Tony
  8. AGG

    Firearms Reference Data--- 3,800 Pages Reached

    To celebrate3️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣, there will be a $25.00 discount on any Firearms Reference Data Package through 09.11.22. ;) Tony
  9. AGG

    HK P7 ("GSG 9") TG IMP WPB-FL Import

    No affiliation: GSG 9 in a different font--- maybe @Brobus can comment. Tony
  10. AGG

    HK MARK 23 (Maritime/KH) LNIC

    No affiliation: Tony
  11. AGG

    HK P9 (Not P9S) LNIB

    No affiliation: Tony
  12. AGG

    HK PSP (SN 642)

    No affiliation, and imported by a fellow member: ;) Tony
  13. AGG

    Celebrating 1,000 Members

    To celebrate our 1,000th member, there will be a contest for the HK Firearms Reference Data (currently, 1,342 pages). :) Choose a number between 1 and 1,000--- the closest number will win--- all entries must be received by 09-30-22. ;) I will post the winner on 10-02-22. :giggle: Tony
  14. AGG

    HK94A3 (Factory) IF Date Code

    No affiliation: Tony
  15. AGG

    HK MARK 23 (Maritime) KH LNIC

    No affiliation: Tony
  16. AGG

    HK P9S (9mm) Various Parts

    No affiliation: Tony
  17. AGG

    Very Nice P7 (LNIB)

    No affiliation: Tony
  18. AGG

    HK93A2 (HG 1976) LNIB

    No affiliation: Tony
  19. AGG

    European HK MARK 23 (NIC)

    No affiliation: Tony
  20. AGG

    Firearms Reference Data--- 3,700 Pages Reached

    To celebrate 3️⃣7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣, there will be a $25.00 discount on any Firearms Reference Data Package through 07.22.22. :)️ Tony