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    HK VP70Z/VP70M History And Pictorial

    Original 1970s HK sales ad. The Heckler & Koch GmbH Volkspistole Modell 1970 Zivil, otherwise known as the VP70Z was the firearms industry's first commercially massed produced polymer framed striker fired pistol. It beat GLOCK by twelve years and actually had a higher capacity too. Volkspistole...
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    Battle between two of the '90s classic Wonder-Nines

    Battle between two of the '90s classic Wonder-Nines The early 1990s were an amazing era in handgun development. You had the Wonder-Nine revolution sweeping the nation when it was really starting in the early 1980s with the adoption of the Beretta 92FS by the U.S. Military and the explosion in...
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    Old School Firearms Brochures/Catalogs

    Since today is January 5th. There will be five posted today to make up for lost time.
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    AMT's On Duty Pistol that never went on duty.

    Arcadia Machine & Tool, a company made famous by the hit 1980s sci-fi action/horror film, Terminator made a number of guns other than the seven inch all stainless Hardballer 1911. AMT was founded in 1977 in Irwindale, California and made their claim to fame with developing a number of guns...
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    80s and 90s Gun Ads...

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    Old School Muzzle Brakes, found these in my parts bin.

    Found these in my parts bin. Forgot I had them. One is for an AR, the other a HK93, and the last a MP5. Here's the patent for it. A muzzle stabilizer for a repeating firearm is described. The muzzle stabilizer includes a tubular body having...
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    (Un)official HK Picture Thread!!!!!

    Post 'em if you got 'em! If you have HK pistols, rifles, shotguns, and other swag. Post it. If you have HK clones like a PTR, post it.
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    A "Non-HK Firearms Discussion" Area

    While we're all HK fans of one stripe or another. We also admit that there are other firearms out there and that we own them. I think having a Non-HK Firearms discussion area would be beneficial to the forum.
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    My one non-HK rifle that is a substitute for the HK I want but can't get.

    As I said in my introduction, I have a love/hate relationship with HK. I really don't find the G3/HK91 pattern rifle to be all that interesting as a main infantry line rifle. But I do like the work that HK put into their guns overall and especially loved the work they put into the PSG-1 and...
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    Greetings from Tallahassee....

    I've had a love/hate relationship with HK for a very long time. I was never fan of the USP .45 (co-worker carried one on duty back before the AWB expired instead of our agency's GLOCK) since it just never fit me right and I was deep in the GLOCK Kool-Aid. Hell, I'm still deep in the GLOCK...
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    Even at the height of the 2020 Panic after Biden.... you can still get a VP70Z at a good price.

    With the panic in full swing. I was able to get a quality German made Polymer Frame High Capacity 9mm pistol and I was able to get them to lower the price from a $450 striker without tax and background fee to $370, out the door that is $400 even. What pray tell did I get and how is it in such a...
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    HK's last hunting rifle... the SLB 2000

    At the start of the 21st Century, Heckler & Koch introduced a new commercial hunting and target rifle to the shooting world. The Selbstladebüchse 2000; otherwise known and marketed as the SLB 2000 … H&K designed the rifle from the ground up to be a modular platform; users could swap barrels...