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  1. Tailflash

    What the heck was this trigger housing used for???

    I had to zoom in on the 'guts' and can see an electrical contact/toggle device that appears to be in line with the selector. Appears to be ripped out of whatever it was attached to as the electrical wiring insulation is missing. Some sort of training or evil prank device that's attached to...
  2. Tailflash

    FNG from ID

    Welcome from down south in Northern Utah. Hoping to ski Sun Valley one of these years; been on my bucket list forever. Again, welcome.
  3. Tailflash

    P8 A1.......Now with German Shoulder Holster!

    Yet another pistol that I haven't had a chance to get out and enjoy; added to my collection of dust collectors (for now). For Tony...The SerNo. has been slightly altered a digit or two.
  4. Tailflash

    RE: Ban lifted???

    Not a fan of bump stocks. Tried one when they first came out but was problematic and we were glad we had a towering mountain as a backstop. I see the left is already using this as a political 'weapon' against the current SCOTUS (which are already under attack) in this critical election year...
  5. Tailflash

    USP9 Tactical OD Green

    Yeah, my wife doesn't know I picked this up today from my dealer. 30 minutes later...a little functional dress up with Decal Grips & Jet Funnel kit...
  6. Tailflash

    Went and got a MK23.

    @RetropM Nice score! And in most excellent condition to boot. Congrats.
  7. Tailflash

    RE: HK41 Santa Fe.....

    I so want, but my checkbook says no you don't. Arrrrrgh! But thanks for the link to the gun porn, those are always appreciated.
  8. Tailflash

    Colt Cobra or ...?

    I thought a current trial getting all kinds of attention is based on a Colt wheel gun that was tossed in the trash. Then what type of handgun is this? Did anyone else catch this?
  9. Tailflash

    Guns are tools.

    'Guns are Tools' This immediately came to mind
  10. Tailflash

    What was your first?

    My first ever gun was a Ruger Deluxe Sporter 10/22, SerNo. 111-1539X. Paid for it myself with money I earned mowing lawns when I was 12 or 13-years old way back in the early 70s. Sold it Dec 2010 to an old Air Force buddy of mine here in Utah as a gift to his son. Don't know if he ever got...
  11. Tailflash

    New old guy from ohio

    Welcome from Utah. I too have a 'thing' for FALs, iconic rifle for sure. Reminds me to dig my Springfield SAR-48 out of the safe; poor thing hasn't been to the range but once or twice and that was way back in the 90s when I was still in the Air Force. SMH. Need to dig around in the man cave...
  12. Tailflash

    CZ Bren 2 tested in Czech Republic

    Culminating in the long tradition of unit patch swapping between new friends (@ 11:33). Thanks for the video.
  13. Tailflash

    Celebrating 1,600 Members

    480 please.
  14. Tailflash

    Is 3 or even 2 character search an option?

    Curious too, so I tried searching for MP5...nada. Perhaps we're doing something wrong... Re: The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common.
  15. Tailflash

    Curious... 9mm Shotshells though MP5?

    Well, I finally got out to the range with these shotshell rounds. Target was placed at the first line which I believe is 36 feet. Target was a piece of 2' wide cardboard that was approximately 3' in height. Shot two rounds of the No.4 shotshell capsules and the bolt didn't even budge...
  16. Tailflash

    G3 SG1 production years and markings

    Had this pic of a SG1 mag well in my files...
  17. Tailflash

    M61 build

    Classic! Jeff, that looks awesome! I need to send a couple of projects your way.
  18. Tailflash

    New from Johannesburg. Seek USP45.

    Greetings from USA (Northern Utah); welcome to this site. Hope that someone can help you find a local gun shop in the Johannesburg SA area. What are the gun laws like there that allow for someone to purchase/possess a handgun ane/or rifle? Curious as to what other country' laws as to...
  19. Tailflash

    Curious... 9mm Shotshells though MP5?

    Interesting rounds (if not just cute), but I believe these will not operate in a MP5 due to the significant pressure it takes to unlock the rollers. I will take along an extra bolt with locking rollers removed to see if that helps. Plenty of room in the mag and they manually feed into the...
  20. Tailflash

    WTK: What does the acronyms HJLA and J reference on HK91 barrels?

    Not just letters on the barrels; to add to the confusion, I'll throw in a few numbers to the mix: Re: II Date Coded Desert & Woodland Camo HK91s. The woodland camo SerNo was produced soon after the desert camo SerNo, albeit '6J' on the woodland would have been stamped higher than '6M' (you'd...