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    New member check in.

    Welcome. My EDC USPc is set up similarly, but it's a 9mm and the Rim Country barrel is threaded, making it a USPc-SD...... ;-)
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    New from Johannesburg. Seek USP45.

    CZ75. More than a few down there. Glock or USP Compact. You need a threaded barrel..... ;-) Seriously, the ammo you take off some floppy is likely to be 9mm, right? 2x as many rounds for the same weight... No such thing as too many loaded spare mags. I'd be carrying a lot more than 2 in your...
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    WTK: How to Solve a HK Interface Claw Mount Fitting Issue

    Yup. Consider having a welded rail mounted by someone competent. Those mounts suck, always have. You ever see anyone else copy that? Nope.
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    RE: Ban lifted???

    Correct. The next question might be, in what other instances has ATF done the same in principle? "Sporting Purpose", continual evolution of the Import scoresheet, the doctrine of constructive possession, "once a machine gun always a machine gun" although IIRC they were forced to back off that in...
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    Hello everyone

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    New From Texas

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    New guy from MA

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    P7 XM9

    Rarer than the gun I would think. Not that this really means anything.
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    decided to build a later model G3

    Do you want it to?
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    decided to build a later model G3

    Does it have the weld-on cartridge deflector?
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    33 build

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    33 build

    Nice. Those OEM 1-7" 33 barrels are not easy to come by.
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    33 build

    Barrel is H&K/Rim Country/?
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    33 build

    Barrel/twist rate?
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    Semi Auto MP7 $15K

    Well, I guess that's the end of whoever was posting a Tommy Built MP7 for $60K....... But seriously, this really feels like someone attempting to establish a price point for future offerings coming to market. Funny that a Title 1 pistol ready to go runs $4K less than the MP7 parts sets on...
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    New from Johannesburg. Seek USP45.

    Can I ask why you're still there? "Kill de Boer" and all that....
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    New from Johannesburg. Seek USP45.

    Welcome. Second the motion on contacting Oberndorf to see if they have a dealer in SA.
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    Holy grale, steiner laser Devices, Inc. MP5K laser Grip 27254

    And why exactly is this guy joining up here to post his eBay ads? Tony, please nuke this guy.
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    New member from Germany

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    New member from NE