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WTS RE: Real HK 416 SF for sale..... two uppers included


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Nov 20, 2020
That blacked out SUV in your driveway.
Hey Everyone!!!!

I'm selling one more HK 416..... with two Uppers......16" and matching numbers 10.4" separately. $25,500.00 for whole package.

(ETA.....or best reasonable offer).
And no....I'm not going to charge you for shipping.
If it doesn't sell in the next week, we'll put her on the auction block.

One of less than 50 in US Civi hands.
Never fired except factory......zip tied and sitting in controlled safe. Put here first before going down the road of bidding.

It is not a clone or a build. Due to circumstances beyond my control I'm stuck in a spot over recent incidents..

Lower to be shipped from my FFL to yours......the upper sent from another location in which
has been stored, shipped separately. The two together will need to be registered SBR through NFA if put together.

{Caveat: Please know your firearm laws and note that this will not be sold to areas in which this is prohibited}
Pics only upon request, as I don't want those to get utilized in scams.

{Mods.....I've only done this once before......so if I'm doing it wrong it's unintentional}

Cheers Guys!!!!!!! PM me if interested. Thanks again.
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