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Staff member
Nov 4, 2020
Was your forensic team able to identify the responsible party? Name, location etc.?
We knew who did it - cuz we paid them. Offshore of course, untouchable.

We had 98% of everything backed up and restorable. The owner deemed that missing 2% important enough to warrant the cyber insurance policy deductible.

Forensic team (hired by the insurance company) was to evaluate whether there was an actual breech of data which would have kicked off a whole other course of action.


Well-known member
Nov 19, 2020
Clermont, Florida
I got this off the other site regarding the Issues with HKUSA website.
@HKCS1 please don't forget about us when it comes to updates.

Dear HK-USA Customers:

On July 29th, HK-USA was notified by its IT hosting partner that it suffered an incident that affected our operations. As a precaution, multiple HK-USA IT systems were taken offline which we have communicated in our webshop. At this point, we have relaunched a major part of our IT systems.

Third party security experts have advised that HK was not the target, no HK system was compromised, and that no personally identifiable information had any unauthorized transfers.

Unfortunately, any communication sent to HK-USA July 29th through Aug. 14th is inaccessible. Please resend any orders or questions around normal business to your relevant HK-US contact.

The HK-USA webshop itself is currently offline and will be brought into service as quickly as possible. Orders received and confirmed between the 18th and 29th should still be valid, but shipping might be delayed for up to three weeks from this message. Our IT department is working at full speed to eliminate any further inconvenience for our customers.

Any promotions that were valid during this outage from July 29th through the webshop coming back online, will have their submission and redemption periods extended to December 31st, 2023.

During this recovery period, the HK Customer Service Team may have longer wait and response times, but if you have any technical questions please feel free to give us a call.

We do not have access to check on parts, orders, prices, etc.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.