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Why Everyone Needs An AR-15 - Video w/ Summary


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Nov 6, 2021
Found this on another forum posting. Worth watching IMO.

"Once again, various gun control groups are pushing for a national Assault Weapon Ban that specifically targets AR-15s. Does the AR-15 deserve all this hate? Does the argument for restricting "military-style rifle" ownership hold up? Isaac Botkin walks through the history of every step of small arms weapon development to see if there is a case for this"

00:00 Intro
03:32 A History of Small Arms
04:08 Matchlocks
04:32 Flintlocks
08:13 Percussion
09:01 Sharps Breech Loader
11:34 Henry Lever Action Repeater
12:39 Mauser Bolt Action
14:05 M1 Garand
15:43 AK-47
18:10 M-16
19:53 AR-15
21:07 Weapons of War
22:53 Crime Prevention
23:41 Military vs. Sporting Arms
25:36 Why Everyone Needs An AR-15
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