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    HK VP70Z/VP70M History And Pictorial

    1980s era HK ad. All in all, it isn't HK's best design but it isn't one of the worst guns out in the world either. There are others that gladly take that title. The VP70Z and its machine pistol brother though didn't sell well. Military and Police across the globe purchased the MP5K instead. It...
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    HK VP70Z/VP70M History And Pictorial

    Original 1970s HK sales ad. The Heckler & Koch GmbH Volkspistole Modell 1970 Zivil, otherwise known as the VP70Z was the firearms industry's first commercially massed produced polymer framed striker fired pistol. It beat GLOCK by twelve years and actually had a higher capacity too. Volkspistole...
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    Battle between two of the '90s classic Wonder-Nines

    Battle between two of the '90s classic Wonder-Nines The early 1990s were an amazing era in handgun development. You had the Wonder-Nine revolution sweeping the nation when it was really starting in the early 1980s with the adoption of the Beretta 92FS by the U.S. Military and the explosion in...
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    Old School Firearms Brochures/Catalogs

    Since today is January 5th. There will be five posted today to make up for lost time.
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    What's the Grail gun in your possession/collection?

    I've acquired just about every gun I've wanted except for the crazy odd exotic stuff like an American 180 SMG. I had a Daewoo K2 and traded it for a Luger. The Daewoo was great, but an all matching bring back WWI Luger was something more I wanted. I wanted a Yugo AK M95 Underfolder in 5.56. I...
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    The only non-HK I have ever purchased

    Which HK didn't make either. They were made in Florida and marketed by HK. Only five are believed to exist and were sold to a agency in Colorado.
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    Even at the height of the 2020 Panic after Biden.... you can still get a VP70Z at a good price.

    I can now carry this museum antique as a CCW piece. I might even take it to my agency's qual for the off duty qual.
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    80s and 90s Gun Ads...

    B&B was a hell of a shop. But it didn't help that the brothers got into a pissing match and the business was left under the sole ownership of Barry Kahn. He drove it into the ground with his illegal activities, his wife spending money like it was going out of style, and the fact that the city...
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    Latest non-HK firearm you purchased....

    Latest Non HK related gun I purchased was a S&W Model 745.
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    The only non-HK I have ever purchased

    Such a rough way to live. Variety is the spice of life. I enjoy the fruits that this world has to offer. It's like dating before marrying. My wife is the best like my EDC is the best. But I sure had fun trying out all the different makes and models before I settled one which would be my daily...
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    AMT's On Duty Pistol that never went on duty.

    I'll give you $50 for it. I give unwanted guns a good home.
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    (Un)official HK Picture Thread!!!!!

    I happen to be a big fan of the .40 S&W. Though I've actually let some of them go in the past (sold my CZ-75B, S&W 4006TSW, and CZ P-07 Duty). I have a gaggle of .40 S&W chambered guns in HK, S&W, Beretta, Browning, Kel-Tec, and GLOCK.