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Here's why the USP Expert trigger is much better 1.0

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Most of us know that the reason the USP Expert trigger is much better than the USP Tactical trigger is due to the Match hammer spring in the Expert. I had always been curious to know if there was something else that makes the Expert trigger better but just did not have the time (or forget about it). So today I took apart my brand-new USP 9mm Tactical to find out once and for all and here's what I found.

The difference between the USP Experts and the USP Tacticals is more than just the Match hammer spring. The Trigger Rebound Spring (TRS) and Flat Sear Spring are also different. While the USP Experts have the Match trigger with stop screw, Match hammer spring, Match TRS, Match nickel-plated sear spring, and Match hammer, only the Match trigger and Match hammer are present on the USP Tacticals.

I went one step further and disassembled all of my BB through BE USP Tacticals (9/40/45), a couple of AE colored-frame USP Tacticals, and a pair of AB/AC USP 40/45 Tacticals to compare the springs. The AB/AC USP 40/45 Tacticals and AE colored-frame USP 45 Tacticals all have the Match springs just like the USP Expert; however, the BB through BE USP Tacticals do not. I am not certain when the changes took place but I suspect it probably happened sometime after AE, perhaps AK/BA?

So if you want the same sweet Expert trigger in your USP Tactical, get these parts:
• Match TRS (215679)
• Match Nickel-Plated Flat Sear Spring (215691)
• Match Hammer Spring (215694)


A close-up picture of the different parts: 1 indicates stock USP Tactical parts and 2 is USP Expert parts

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